CBD Terminology, Misconceptions and Common Questions.

CBD Terminology, Misconceptions and Common Questions.

written by Infused, CBD Marketplace

While we are in no ways experts on CBD or Hemp or Cannabis we do work in a retail environment, both online and in-person. Our stores located in Downtown Boulder Colorado and Simsbury Connecticut where started to help consumers find their way through the Hemp CBD Market, a place to come for answers and to talk to folks that have taken the time to curate a great selection of products that have purpose and meaning. We believe in what we sell and yes we have used, tasted and tried everything in the store at one point or another. While our personal experience might be different than yours, and that is common with any holistic health product or medicine you might get from your doctor we wanted to take the time to give you a little insight into what we talk about with our customers and questions, terminology and myths we often hear.

This list is in no certain order and will be added to as we learn more and come across unique and interesting questions or myths we want to have a forum for.

  1. Hemp CBD is psychoactive but non-intoxicating – just like coffee is psychoactive hemp cbd will help alter your mental state in a good way that can lead you to feeling more relaxed, focused, pain free or a myriad of other things. Remember CBD helps restore homeostasis to your Endocannibinoid system which can help calm your central nervous system and just make you feel better in general.
  2. Is Hemp Extract CBD – yes, CBD is part of the hemp plant and as a different way of saying CBD, Hemp Extract has been commonly used. While there are a lot of Hemp Extracted properties, it is always good to buy from reputable companies and sources, shopping for CBD on Amazon might not be the best solution. Make sure CBD is mentioned and the milligrams are easily recognized.
  3. What is a Tincture – for simple explanation it is a bottle with a mixture of liquids in it, in our case it will mostly be CBD oil with MCT and possibly other herbs.
  4. Different types of CBD
    1. Full Spectrum Whole hemp – (meaning full plant with trace amounts of THC, under .3%) this oil often tastes pretty poor because of the Chlorophyll in it, there are different types for sure, if it looks like black sludge, its probably gonna taste pretty bad.
    2. Full Spectrum Distillate – this is a more palatable cbd oil as it has the Chlorophyll removed from it and is often clear or pink depending on the quality of the MCT oil and terpenes in it. This oil is also often flavored with fruits or platn terpenes to give it a more well rounded approach.
    3. Broad Spectrum – This is like full spectrum having most of the Cannabinoids in it but without THC, this is a THC free option with more plant nutrients and terpenes in it. Based on what we sell this is often a distillate.
    4. CBD Isolate – This is a completely THC Free option and similar to Broad Spectrum in that way this compound is only the isolated CBD molecule. CBD is great by itself and does not need THC to function. Epidiolex, which is 100% CBD isolate is also the only FDA approved substance that is currently licensed and sold by GW pharmaceuticals to treat epilepsy and seizures. You can google “Epidiolex” if you want to learn more.
  5. What are Cannabinoids? – Cannibinoids are substances found in Hemp or Marijuana plants, there are over 120 known Cannabinoids, most we have no idea what they actually do – The most popular currently are THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and a few others that are just being extracted.
  6. What is Cannabidiol – that is the name of acronym CBD
  7. What are Minor Cannabinoids and why are they good for me?
    1. CBN – The sleepaid Cannabinoid – CBN or Cannabinol has been shown to have great effects on calming the Central Nervous System(CNS) this makes is a great sleepaid and also great for folks that have more active CNS or conditions that are nerve based.
    2. CBG – or known as Cannabigerol, this minor Cannabinoid has great anti fungal and anti bacterial properties along with increase effectiveness for anti inflammatory and pain relief.
    3. CBC – or known as Cannabichromene, this minor Cannabinoid has great properties for additional pain relief and inflammation, anti bacterial and can also help inhibit tumor cell growth.
  8. Deciphering CBD labels – “No, you are not taking 100mg CBD capsules that you got from the coffee shop” or “500mg gummies for sleep” While we are no experts we sure do come in contact with a lot of people and see all types of CBD products come across our desk. So we do know what is out there and what is pretty common and accessible for most consumers. The number on the packaging the big number “250mg” “500mg” “1500mg” is not the dosage unless you are drinking or eating the whole container in one go. So that 100mg package of capsules you got at the coffee store for 15$ is usually 25mg capsules or 10mg capsules. Knowing your dosage is important and thats why shopping at the gas station or coffee shop for CBD might not be the best place to start.
  9. Concentration of CBD Topicals – We sell a good variety of CBD topicals and this is definitely a topic that is relevant to the previous topic of labels. While CBD topicals come in all different strengths, strength is not always the most important attribute to topicals. Here are a couple of things to think about when buying a topical – You see 1000mg and 600mg and think well I am going to get the 1000mg jar because it is stronger. What you don’t take into consideration is concentration, for simplicity the 1000mg jar is 3.5oz and the 600mg jar is 2oz. So if you do that math the 600mg jar is actually stronger and more concentrated than the 1000mg jar. So when we sell you CBD topicals we often point this out and while the 1000mg Jar might last longer because it is almost double the size in content the 600mg jar is stronger and could work better.
  10. Pet CBD oil and Treats – Treating your cat, dog with CBD oil or treats can be great for them. The industry standard for dosing is 1 to 2 mg per 10 lbs and while you might not take our word for it you have to remember that if you want to help your pet you have to give them what might work for them instead of just something that might not do anything for them. Sure we all love to save money but whats the point of giving your pet CBD if are not going to give them what is recommended? When looking at our products our CBD pet oils are going to be the best value for any dog, biscuits are going to be awesome with different herbs and formulations. MCT is going to be fastest absorption for any animal as the shorter chain triglycerides all faster acting results.
  11. What is a serving of CBD? – In our store we like to keep it simple, we usually recommend a good single serving as anything between 16.5mg to 33mg and you can take that serving as many times per day as you would like. While we do sell tinctures that are outside of that range like our Hempbase Mlyk and Common Ground Rest we do find that these oils fill a certain range and price value for consumers. Doubling up on a dose is perfectly fine.
  12. But I heard smoking vaporizers can kill me? – While smoking in general is not the most healthy form of CBD consumption it is one of the fastest acting was to consume cbd. What you might’ve heard for a while is vape products where making people ill and some people had died. This was because those products were “shitty in quality” made with subpar chemicals and formulations and this were also not CBD vaporizers. Our products are made with natural plant terpenes and MCT oil. While there are shitty CBD smokeable products out there, it is not something we sell, as we take pride in quality.
  13. Can I travel with CBD, Can you ship CBD? – Yes, we sell Hemp CBD a product that is legal under the 2018 farm bill and will not get you high. While some states and municipalities have regulations around selling cbd in their county or state because CBD is federally legal we can ship it to you without a problem. You can also travel anywhere in the USA with Hemp CBD products. If you have any questions please call or email.
  14. Tincture bottle size and dosage – In our store we like to keep it simple each Tincutre is 1oz or 30ml each serving is 1ml and there are 30 of those in a bottle. So when you look at a 500mg bottle you are getting 30 servings you can take as many times a day as your need or just once a day. A 500mg bottle breaks down to 16.5mg per 1ml, 1000mg is 33mg per 1ml.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article, while I am sure there are many other questions out there these are the most common and what was on top of our mind. So remember CBD won’t get you high and actually if you are high can help bring you down. The large number on the bottle is that packages total content and not your dose in most cases. Topicals can be very helpful but if you want something strong the biggest bottle is not always the strongest option.

At Infused, A CBD Marketplace we are always here for you, via phone, email or online chat. If you have questions about our products we would love to chat with you about them. Be Well – Infused, A CBD Marketplace